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Your contribution is vital for the sustenance of this work of love!

See here how and where your donations are applied.

  • Lodging of about 600 beings who make the experience of living or visiting the Communities-of-Light;
  • Daily offer of 1800 meals for those who live or visit;
  • Medical, dental, psychological and therapeutic assistance;
  • Production of food, such as molasses, soy, grains, bread, greenery, vegetables, corn, flour, among others, for the supply of those who live in, visit the Communities-of-Light and also for charitable service;
  • Support to voluntary therapeutic and charitable group service;
  • Sustenance of schools and workshops for children and adolescents;
  • Development of instrument players and choralists;
  • Maintenance of fire breaks;
  • Sustenance of hundreds of animals, residents, sheltered and taken from the streets, involving use of animal feed, production of food, medicines, vaccines, castrations, deworming, support to voluntary group services of assistance, among others;
  • Maintenance of areas of permanent preservation, legal reserve and native vegetation, preparation of soil for cultivation, vegetable gardens and orchards, intervention, restoration and tree pruning, harvest and preparation of seeds for donation;
  • Preservation of ponds and rivers;
  • Support to emergency assistance due to fires in forests;
  • Daily offering of Christic and ecumenical liturgies;
  • Offering of philosophic-spiritual studies and conferences.

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The Fraternidade in Action

The Communities-of-Light represent the seeds of a new life and create the bases for the deepening of the spiritual quest.

It is an invitation to the practice of group life, of prayer, of the exercise of fraternity and of the offering of self to one’s neighbor. Come visit us and learn in detail about this work of love.

Listen to the audio of Trigueirinho about the themeicone-audio


The Communities-of-Light represent the seeds of a new life and create the bases for the deepening of the spiritual quest.

In them, each member has the opportunity of deepening the practice of good. Self-surrender and love forge the relationships and the new standards of conduct.

To learn how to conduct daily tasks, accompanied by prayer, by study, by music, by retreta and by selfless service to the Human, Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms.