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Maintenance of the Service Associations

The Service Associations are institutions that have been arising throughout the years of disinterested and voluntary service of the members of the Network-of-Light and of collaborators of the work in various countries. United in the same purpose of service to the Evolutionary Plan, these institutions congregated themselves in the spirit of union of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, unifying the different sectors of activity to the same principles, in the quest for peace and union.


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Irdin Editora is a publishing house that has as its purpose disseminating works of a philosophical and spiritual nature for this time of global transformations and of great need of inner seeking. They are teachings that introduce keys for the recognition of the immaterial laws that govern the universe in which we live and that sustain the Earth. They invite us to broaden our consciousness, unravel the mysteries of the history of our planet, perceive its purposes and join paths of fraternity and peace.

Through Irdin’s website, you can have access to all the conferences of the Spiritual Instructors that lead the work, such as Trigueirinho, Madre María Shimani de Montserrat and other authors present in the work. You have the alternative of either listening to them on the site or downloading the materialfor free, besides buying it or donating for it.

Irdin, in cooperation with Association Mary, also disseminates the texts channeled by the Divine Messengers: Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, collaborating with the Hierarchies in taking the encouragement of Mercy, of Grace and Redemption to those who are willing to receive it.

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