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The Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, established the Greece Mission of Peace, an unfoldment of the Middle-East Mission of Peace. In Greece, a basis is established, which shelter the members of the Matrix Group of Humanitarian Missionaries of the Fraternidade that serve in another humanitarian mission. The Greece Mission have a permanent character and there is not a deadline for the return of the missionaries yet.

Greece receives day by day numerous refugees from Syria and form other parts of the Middle East, most of whom arrive in precarious boats, fleeing from wars and unimaginable life conditions.

The house in Greece is a base in Europe, a point of logistic support, constituting a key area for the support to the displacements of the humanitarian missionaries. It is also a place for the training and development of new missionaries that want to engage in the sublime mission of peace.

We ask all to collaborate and support this offering of humanitarian assistance to such needy brothers and sisters. We at once express our deep gratitude to those who can join materially or immaterially another mission that has been entrusted to us. We thank you for being united by means of donations, prayers, monetary donations and in whichever way you can or feel to collaborate.

We thank God for letting us once again be an instrument of humanitarian help.


Grecia Mission


First Missionaries and founders of the Missionary Base in Greece

Mission Middle East – Only Love can heal the pain

Refugees and crossing the sea

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Education for times of emergency

08 April 2019|Comments Off on Education for times of emergency

In the cities of Boa Vista and Pacaraima, in Roraima, in the north of Brazil, there are Venezuelan teachers and assistant teachers working directly [...]

Psychological support of Fraternidade to family members of victims of Brumadinho continues

15 March 2019|Comments Off on Psychological support of Fraternidade to family members of victims of Brumadinho continues

Volunteers from FFHI visit the districts of Brumadinho Fraternidade–International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) continues giving psychological support to the families affected by the mining tragedy [...]

Unity present in Brumadinho Mission

04 March 2019|Comments Off on Unity present in Brumadinho Mission

“The key word is still love”, declared Tissianie Almeida, a missionary of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, who participated in Brumadinho Mission. The mission [...]

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