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Project Description

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Maintenance of the Service Associations

The Service Associations are institutions that have been arising throughout the years of disinterested and voluntary service of the members of the Network-of-Light and of collaborators of the work in various countries. United in the same purpose of service to the Evolutionary Plan, these institutions congregated themselves in the spirit of union of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, unifying the different sectors of activity to the same principles, in the quest for peace and union.


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Founded in 1990, it works for animal protection and conservancy of the environment through programs of education and through selfless service to the kingdoms, aiming at minimizing the suffering of the animals on the planet. It has as its highest purpose the practice of unconditional love.

At the side of the BR 265 road at the km 341, in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in August 2010, a slaughterhouse of bovine and swine animals was deactivated and completely renovated to become the “Francis of Assisi Park”, Animal Protection Society of Lavras (SLPA). Thus the kennel was born, a non-profit institution, conducted by volunteers, a park that accommodates abandoned, sick and ill-treated street dogs. With love, the Kennel recovers, castrates when it is the case and refers them for adoption.

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Your contribution is vital for the sustenance of this work of love!

Be a partner!

We seek partners to help the FRANCIS OF ASSISI PARK. If you are a company or a professional, get in touch with us.

Monetary donations

List of approximate monthly cost of the Francis of Assisi Park

  • Animal feed: US$: R$ 13.000,00
  • Clerks (salary, labor charges, transportation): US$: R$  9.000,00
  • Cleaning material: US$ R$  1.500,00
  • Medicines US$: R$  1.900,00
  • Food: US$: R$ 1.000,00
  • Electric power: US$  R$ 700,00
  • Maintenance of the area: US$: R$ 600,00
  • Health: US$ R$ 2.500,00

Adopt a dog and live with more joy!

Adopting a dog at the Francis of Assisi Park or on Dr. Augusto Silva square, on Sunday mornings. This decision is for the whole life of the dog and it is up to you to give them good conditions and love.


In case you cannot adopt, visits us and sponsor a dog; it will continue with us, but will have your special love through constant visits with option of baths, brushing, care, walks and financing of its costs and medical cares. You define with us how you will be a godparent.

Be a volunteer

Donate love and your gifts, abilities and time. You cannot imagine how much you can offer and the joy this will give you. Try! Get in touch with us and book a visit-interview. You can help with the cleaning of the areas, bath, shearing, brushing, walk with the dogs, veterinarian help to wounded and sick animals, documentation, photography, video, gardening, building maintenance, among others.

Donate materials of frequente use

  • Cleaning: brush, squeegee, detergente, sanitary water, bucket, gloves for cleaning, powder soap, dustpan, trash bag, cleaning cloth, alcohol, sponge, hose, steel sponge disinfectant, toilet paper, liquid soap.
  • Medicines: surgical clothes, adhesive tape, band, gauze, physiological serum, needle, syringe, scalp, portable clinic, povidone, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol 70%, Phenobarbital, Doxycycline, ointment, silver spray, vermifuge, vitamine, probiotics, procedure gloves, bottle sérum.
  • For dogs: Elizabethan collar, shampoo, coconut soap, blanket, towel, rope, colar, clothes for cold, manger, soap against scabies, shampoo against scabies, muzzles, feed for curbs, milk for curbs, sausage (to give medicines), newspaper.