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Help the Divine Mother to fulfil Her Plans of Peace of the world

The Campaign for Peace

In Her Message of the 21st of May of 2015, the Virgin Mary made us an important request: the conduction of a campaign for the concretion of Her Mission of Peace on the whole planet, the Campaign for Peace. An ecumenical and international movement that promotes meetings of Prayer in different countries, with the aim of disseminating the power of Prayer and of music in the building of a culture of peace and of fraternity.

Mary announces: Dear children, I ask you, on this day of blessing and of Grace, to continue to pray together for the plans of your Most Holy Mother.  For all to be possible, I invite you to realize a campaign for Peace, so that in this way the plans of the Virgin Mary may be fulfilled.

Thus, we were called to pilgrim with the Divine Mother, seeking to take Her Light and Her Message to each human heart, so that the Virgin Mary may fulfill her great aspiration: to consecrate all peoples and nations to Her Immaculate Heart.

In the Apparition of September 28, 2015, Mary, Rose of Peace, affirms: “Dear children, open the way so that Peace may always reign, like a torch of light that is never extinguished.”

Read here the complete message transmitted by Our Lady on the 21st of May


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