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The Park of the Kingdoms, a sector linked to House Light on the Hill of the Community Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, and the Francis of Assisi Park , both work for animal protection and conservation of the environment through programs of education and through selfless service to the kingdoms, with the goal of minimizing animal suffering on the planet. They have as their highest purpose the practice of unconditional love.

Both of these projects are not for profit, and all activities are conducted by volunteers, who take in abandoned, sick and mistreated street dogs. With love, they rehabilitate and castrate them, and offer them for adoption.

If you wish to adopt a dog into your care, you will be able to find this opportunity in our Permanent Campaign of Adoption of Dogs.


Adopt a dog by paying a visit to the Francis of Assisi Park or at Dr. Augusto Silva Square, downtown in the city of Lavras, on Sunday mornings.

Remember that this decision is for its whole life and that it is up to you to give it a good nutrition, constant fresh water, showers, medical-veterinarian cares, besides lots of love.

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Nin – Adoption

Nin I am Nin.  I am tender and playful. I am joyous and caring. I like attention and I like [...]

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