The inner quest, through contact with the soul, is the basic principle for us to experience true fraternity. The constant aspiration for inner reality ends up connecting each one of us with more elevated levels of consciousness, enabling the higher energies to express themselves through all those involved in this quest.

Being fraternal is, therefore, being ready to be a channel of expression of the Hierarchies that conduct the process of elevation of the planet; it is to be available for the flowing of the energy of love that permeates everything and everyone. This internal union is, by itself, a fundamental condition for feeling one and united with all human beings and all the other kingdoms, thus being able to serve in an unconditional way.


The internal connection operated by the members of a group involved with a spiritual task gradually permits the group to experienceharmony and spiritual fraternity, which reveals a deep and impersonal love. Thus, the relationships among the members are conducted by the energy of the soul, making it possible that all be oriented to the manifestation of high goals and common purposes.

In this context, the experience of fraternity in all manifestations of life and the sowing of goodness in daily routine enable each one to awaken internal higher qualities still sleeping, such as the sense of unity, devotion, self-donation, austerity, transparency and disinterested love. The higher and fraternal pattern that permeates each action promotes a silent awakening en each being and gradually elevates the vibration of the spiritual group.

“I Am my brother’s keeper” – Morya