One of the tasks of the missionaries of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) is to transform traumatic situations into new opportunities for growth and renewal. To leave one’s country looking for better conditions in life can be profoundly traumatic. It is a leap into the unknown, and in this process, uncertainty and insecurity can leave deep scars. This happens today in various places of the world. In Brazil as well, thousands of Venezuelan refugees cross the border on foot with their few belongings in bags, bringing children and the whole family.

The Acolhida (Welcome) Operation, created by the Brazilian government, looks to receiving them with open arms. And the Fraternity-International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) is one of the partner organizations in this collective effort for welcoming them. The children especially are extremely vulnerable to insecure situations and a loss of their natural rhythms of life. What must be done in order to avoid the challenging situations from becoming traumas is to provide security, stability, and peace.

One of the best ways to do this is a play activity. In the rounds of song, painting, body expression and working with the hands, the inner challenges are gradually overcome and the children rapidly recover their essential nature, because they feel welcomed and receive attention and caring. During the dynamics of art education, the happy attitude inherent to childhood is recovered, bringing a fresh air of hope and life.

Playing has a fundamental role in the rescue of the childhood essence. It is also a powerful tool for closing wounds once it makes it possible for the child to find meaning in life. Through play, the child manifests their personality and becomes more organized as they create their world. It’s necessary to provide conditions so that the children are able to build a solid and positive foundation, to form an opinion about what is around them, and in feeling safe, can vent their natural need for movement, perception and exploration of the world, growing with happiness.

It is essential to offer a stable environment, peaceful, loving and interesting to explore and discover. The missionaries of the Fraternity-International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) contribute in the forming of that environment, functioning as their adult role models, because they become the model for the children while the parents go through their transition into a new life in another country.