Missão ConfraternizarDate: February 2018
Place: Tartagal, state of Salta, Argentina

Floods caused by the overflowing of the Pilcomayo River led the missionaries of Fraternidade to this contingent mission, with the objectives of providing humanitarian help to those impacted by the emergency and to offer specific help to the Indigenous peoples of the region. The Indigenous communities of the Wich ethnic group, in the rural area near the city of Tartagal, were the main focus of the efforts made. This was yet another mission of Fraternidade in attendance to floods of great dimensions, which brought, by means of selfless service, encouragement and overcoming force to the attended population.


  • Construction of a contention wall for the water.
  • Confraternity with the Indigenous families socially marginalized.
  • Distribution of clothes, footwear, toys and foods collected.
  • Attendance to domestic animals affected by the floods.
  • Cleaning and harmonization of community streets and spaces.
  • Playful activities and works of hygiene of hair for the children.

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