The Youth Group for Peace of Florianopolis, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, held the meeting “Approaching what exists between Heaven and Earth” on June 23 and 24, 2018. The meeting, supported by the presence of the Monastery of the Transfiguration, which belongs to Grace Mercy Order, was the first of a new stage of the work with the youth of the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, which will receive monthly a schedule of instruction, service and prayer.

The meeting, permeated by the natural beauty of the city, had the participation of youths that for a certain time have been a part of the Work and of the Youth Campaign for Peace, as well as of participants who learned about the movement through friends. The group manifested a beautiful image of ecumenism, with souls of different schools, ages and beliefs.

Mother Maria Cleonice, of Grace Mercy Order, made a synthesis of the spiritual knowledge about cosmic life, expatiating about the vastness of this Universe and about the non-material counterpart of Being. The study touched on the different dimensions of consciousness, so unknown and so forgotten by “common” humanity, which constantly fixes its attention only in the material aspects of life.

Prayer for Peace of the Youths of the World

The sharing also brought an updating about the different internal and external movements that are expected for this humanity, as the frontier between material and non-material life narrows and the planet prepares to enter a new cycle. Many of these movements, such as the spiritual awakening of souls and the purification of different levels of Being, are already clearly observed in our daily lives.

In the afternoon, the group transmitted the Prayer for the Peace of Youths in the World, an offering that takes place every Saturday, at 5 p.m., via internet, and which unites the youth of different cities for a moment of prayer. The group conducted the Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature, interleaved by songs of original composition of the talented participants.

Following the musical path, the youths watched together the program of “Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity”. The fertile terrain of those present was touched both by the harmony of sound and by the beauty of the execution of the pieces throughout the program.

The Sunday, June 24, brought the experience of ecumenism and of instruction. The day began with the practice of Yoga followed by mantras in Irdin and in Sanscrit. Again, these practices found an inner resonance in the participants, who adhered to the proposed exercises in an open and true way.

During the whole meeting, the youths shared vegetarian food, prepared with the support of the group itself, in an very fraternal and warm attunement.

Besides the intense schedule, the meeting was an opportunity for the youths to remember the joy of being together to pray, study, sing and mingle. Oftentimes, daily life leads people to the narrowing of consciousness, due to the challenges of routine and of the individual problems. The narrowing makes difficult the expression of joy of the soul and brings a series of internal and external difficulties for the sustenance of more elevated patterns of consciousness.

Yoga Practice

The meetings will continue monthly, with the monastics of Grace Mercy Order, who will continue to impel the group in its expansion.

These strong and profound souls, who gathered in the city, will be increasingly able to express the great gift of loving, expanding it among themselves and with the Kingdoms of Nature.

All the youth meetings are open, for free and ecumenical; they are therefore accessible to the hearts that wish to serve and work for Peace, regardless of the belief or religion. The portal of Youth Campaign for Peace ( will make available the schedule of the forthcoming meeting. Be attentive!