Light-Nucleus Flower of the Sacred Tepui of Roraima

Boa Vista, RR, Brazil

The Figueira Light-Nucleus in Boa Vista, Flor do Sagrado Tepui (Flower of the Sacred Tepui) of Roraima, located in the city of Boa Vista, Roraima, aims to support humanitarian and spiritual activities in line with the basic principles of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF). It began its activities in November of 2016.

With the beginning of the Humanitarian Roraima Mission, still in the early days of its creation, the activities of this Nucleus, together with the Monastery of Sagrada Humildade de São José (Sacred Humility of Saint Joseph), were focused on the important task of supporting the beginning of activities developed together with the Venezuelan immigrants that arrive in Brazil through this region.

The establishment of partnerships with international institutions during the missionary work made it possible for the Light-Nucleus to undertake greater efforts in its activities and strengthen its support for missionary work. Currently, there are projects being developed to improve its facilities and expand the development of its activities of a spiritual nature, and together with the Kingdoms of Nature: Human, Mineral, Animal and Plant.

The Light-Nucleus offers lodging, communal lunches, and medical care and nursing follow-ups, besides natural therapies for the collaborators in the Roraima Mission working in Boa Vista.

For the development and expansion of consciousness, it offers the Liturgy with various schedules of group prayer.

*Activities with the outer public have been suspended during the period of the pandemic.

Areas of activity: Selfless Service; Group Living; Care of Nature; Ecumenical and Spiritual Activities.