A delegation composed of 15 ambassadors and 5 top-rank representatives of the Federal Government was in Manaus on November 19, in a visit to the facilities of the Welcome (Acolhida) Operation.

Destaques da Semana

Acolhida Operation is structured in three axis: ordering of the border and sheltering in Roraima, and the stage of interiorization, in Manaus, which shelters and offers a support to the refugees that will be transferred to other cities of Brazil.

They first visited the Military base, where the UN agencies UNHCR, UNFPA and UNICEF, as well the office of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation FIHF operate. There, General Pazzuelo explained about the work of the Welcome (Acolhida) Operation and of the Humanitarian Logistic Taskforce, commanded by the Armed Forces.

The visit proceeded to the PRA – Center of Reception and Support, a structure located in the bus station of Manaus, where the Venezuelan refugees receive such support as laundry, locker room and overnight lodging in the tents lent by the army.

In the PRA refugees will find assistance, information, activities for children, distribution of food and basic items. This help is given by churches and by UN agenciesUNHCR, IOM, UNFPA, UNICEFand other entities.

All visitors received information about the work of the ATM – Transfer Lodging of Manaus, which receives the Venezuelans, most of them coming from Roraima and, already registered for the interiorization process with documents and vaccines, are ready to be transferred to other cities of Brazil. The expected stay is 3 to 5 days, until they receive their flight tickets.

The Fraternidade FIHF team of missionaries, as the UNHCR‘s implementing partner, is responsible for the ATM management, working in the reception and allocation of people, maintenance coordination and the organization of the kitchen activities – where the Venezuelan prepare and distribute their own meals.

The Fraternidade FIHF team also carries out recreational activities with the children, besides checking issues related to the protection of vulnerable cases, such as violation and health, which need individualized attendance. Such cases are observed in the morning and at night, and are referred to the UNHCRto be jointly solved.

Countries represented in the visit: Netherlands (Holland), the delegation of the European Union, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Venezuela, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain, Luxembourg, USA, Belgium, United Kingdom of Great Britain, El Salvador.

Also representatives of the Federal Government were received: the Civil House, the Ministry of Citizenship, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Ministry of Defense, the Army, the UN, the IOM, the UNHCR, the UNFPA.