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Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation is an entity that aims to practice and disseminate fraternity, contributing for the broadening of the consciousness of the human beings, the experience of peace and love, altruistic service and the expression of new patterns of conduct. Unity and unconditional love towards all beings and expressions of life of the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are the attributes that congregate the federative spirit of the sectors and activities of this entity.

The Humanitarian Missions and the Network-of-Light are the target-activities of this organization and represent the main pillars of its initiatives. The Federation also performs a fundamental role in the integration, in the following up and in supporting the manifestation of a great number of projects operated by its Affiliated Associations, and that express themselves in the Communities-of-Light, in the Nuclei-of-Light, in the Associations of Service, in the Religious Associations and in the Marian Centers.