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The Guarujá Light-Network and Santos Light-Network distribute food and personal hygiene products to street people

2020-04-23T19:06:56-03:00Apr-23-2020|Categories: Network-of-Light, News|

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the population living on the street is even more vulnerable. Touched by that [...]

The Guarujá Light-Network and the Santos Light-Network donate 90 baskets of the basics to vulnerable families

2020-04-22T12:03:01-03:00Apr-22-2020|Categories: Network-of-Light, News|

The group of the Guarujá Light-Network and the group of the Santos Light-Network, with the support of the “godparents,” donated 90 [...]

Christmas campaign done by the Guarujá and Santos Light-Network surprises and generates more smiles than expected

2020-01-06T21:34:54-03:00Jan-6-2020|Categories: Network-of-Light, News|

December 21 was a day for giving 136 children of the community of Morrinhos IV the bags collected [...]

The Guarujá Light-Network distributes food to 90 families in the coastal area of São Paulo

2019-08-07T19:03:41-03:00Aug-7-2019|Categories: Network-of-Light, News|Tags: Impulso Serviço|

Volunteer work has been going on since 2014 and the benefited families receive fruit, vegetables, legumes, and various [...]

Network-of-Light groups of Guaruja and Santos conduct their first recreational activity in a community of São Paulo seashore

2018-11-24T22:02:13-02:00Nov-15-2018|Categories: Network-of-Light, News|

New perspectives Although service activities – such as donation of foods, personal items and other products – have [...]

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